Webers Premium Custard & Ice Cream


For another terrific "regular" season! Now begins our "testing" season! All of us at Weber's, wish to thank all of our customers and friends for a wonderful Regular Season (open Noon to 9PM, daily) which was extended, this year, for the first time ever. Most of you know that, traditionally, our "Regular Season" is the Friday before the Indians Home Opener (April) until the last pitch is thrown, which MOST seasons meant September.  Years ago, following the 1997 season (when the Tribe went all the way to the World Series) customers asked me to "please stay open, at least until the end of October."  I listened and our Regular Season was extended thru October. Then customers asked me to open the day before Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas so that they could come in and get ice cream to share with their family members coming in from out of town.  I listened, and "Family Season" was created.  Then customers asked me to "stay open year round."  Unfortunately, there isn't enough "ice cream only" business to warrant staying open year round. 

In April 2016, I cashed in my retirement account and bought a nearby soft serve stand.  Cone Zone (4081 Rocky River Dr.) has a drive thru and serves food, during the Summer months.  I think that IF I can choose the right mix of food and treats, specifically for that neighborhood, I'll have a place where Weber's customers can come to get hand packed Weber's Custards and Ice Cream, all Winter long.  Weber's will be open from Noon to 3 PM, every Saturday until the end of 2016, to see just how much Weber's customers want Weber's Ice Cream during the Winter months and also, to test out new things to be made at Cone Zone.