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~ Matthew Weir, North Olmsted, 5/3/2009

Making an ART out of ice cream & custard

Weber’s did nothing short of change my ice-cream-life when I tried it for the first time. I had no clue what “fresh” ice cream or custard even meant, and I had no idea what *truly* expertly-crafted ice cream or custard was – or that it is an artistry. Gallons & pints from the store are a joke to me now. And now, living far away from Fairview Park, I miss Weber’s more than I can describe. Weber’s and its two locations are absolute gems of NE Ohio.

~ Julie Bessette, Fairview Park, 10/21/2008


A simple custard place with a very nostalgic feel and plenty of flavors to choose from. To make things better, the service there is friendly. Recommended for sure.

~ Ben Gifford, Mentor, 6/4/2008


Weber’s Premium Custard is great old fashion custard the way it used to be at Euclid Beach Park. The decor takes you back to a simpler time when things weren’t moving so fast. What a warm place to go on a cold winter’s day, and enjoy some great custard in a warm nostalgic setting! The only problem you will encounter is which flavor custard to eat! That’s a good problem to have! Weber’s Premium Custard in Mentor is the “Cheers” of ice cream stores. Everyone knows your name!

~ Joe Tomaro, Highland Hts, 11/6/2007

The ONLY real custard around

Mitchell’s may have cutsie decor and fancy sundae names, East Coast may have cheap prices, but Weber’s has the real deal when it comes to custard. There are about 35 flavors to choose from (made with all REAL ingredients, not artificial flavorings!) when it comes to premium custard or hand-dipped ice cream, and if you’re undecided the staff will patiently serve you as many samples as you’d like. Sundaes, malts, milkshakes, mammoth drumsticks, ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate-dipped frozen bananas are all delectable! I can never leave without purchasing a pint or quart to take home. If you want to beat the evening rush just go while everyone else eats dinner about 5-6pm.

* Pros: service, old-fashioned feel, quality
~ sweetums (Yelp)

Real Custard!!!

Being old enough to remember Higbee’s Frosted Malt I was brought back to my childhood with the first lick of Weber’s Frosted Malt. This is the original recipe that Higbees stole, but it is the machine that makes the difference. The antique custard machine makes a frozen treat that IS real old fashioned frozen custard. Plenty of variety during the season. like Roasted Banana, Joyful Almond, Toasted Coconut and various fresh fruit custards fill the list during the summer. Fall offers Pumpkin custard that’s like eating pumpkin pie.

Others are good this is the best!
Sorbets are full of fresh fruity flavor and don’t taste weak and watered down like some other places do.
* Pros: Taste, Portions, Staff
~ 1toughcritic (Yelp)

Not fancy, just good…

This staple in Fairview Park has the best ice cream around. Favorite flavors include key lime, fat-free cherry vanilla, pumpkin (in season), cinnamon-nutmeg, sweet cream-honey. The people who work there are always vey nice and happy to let you try a sample before purchase.

~ mikeybear1959 (Yelp)

Number 1: Many different flavors. Best hard ice cream in the city.

~ xysters (Yelp)

5 star rating: I’m having serious withdrawal while they are closed for the winter. They have good chocolate malt, and MANGO sorbet that tastes like you’re eating a ripe mango?!?! Wow

Low fat and no sugar added options.
~ M C., Cleveland, OH, 1/20/2010

Ok I’m biased here, I worked at Weber’s for a few summers in college. This place is ridiculously good. Every morning the owner makes fresh batches of vanilla, chocolate, frosted malt, and my absolute favorite, banana custard. It’s like eating the fruit, only a creamier, less healthy but ten times better tasting version.

When I worked, I allowed myself one small custard per shift. The best ever? Mix banana and chocolate custard together for probably one of the best desserts around.

~ T S., Cleveland, OH, 2/1/2010