Regular Season Opens April 1st, 2022!!

Come and get it!! :)

For the health of our community, we’ll have the following rules in place:

— All ice cream will be served in disposable or recyclable containers (pints, quarts, cups), no ice cream will be served in edible containers (cones), but cones may be purchased for use at home.

— Please make use of social distancing recommendations to slow the spread of the virus, no more than ONE group (friends/family) inside the store at any one time.

–There may be a limited selection of flavors available due to product and distribution availability. Updates will be on Facebook.

April – Noon to 9PM
May – Noon to 10PM
June – Noon to 10PM
July – Noon to 10PM
Aug – Noon to 10PM
Sept – Noon to 10PM
Oct – Noon to 9PM

Day before Thanksgiving – Noon to 5PM
Day before Christmas – Noon to 5PM
New Year’s Eve – Noon to 2PM