Weber’s Ice Cream & Custard Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy ("Privacy Policy" or "Policy")

Effective Date: May 1, 2014

Welcome. This Policy is designed to help you understand generally how and/or (the “Site”) collects personally identifying information about you and how it uses and discloses personal information. and/or is a Web site of Weber’s Custard & Ice Cream (“Weber’s,” “we,” “us”). You may contact us at our Address For Legal Notices below. This Policy applies to information that personally identifies you (other than publicly available information and certain aggregate information that does not expressly identify you individually) (“personal information”) collected on and/or or other sites that appear to be controlled or managed by Weber’s or, where indicated, other information you provide to us.


How Does This Policy Relate to Use of the Site?

This Policy is part of and incorporated into the and/or Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”), which is the contract between you and Weber’s governing use of the Site. Parts of the Terms of Use affect this Policy, so, unless you have already done so, please review them prior to using the Site. Terms used but not defined in this Policy have the definitions in the Terms of Use.

2. Information We Automatically Collect

Weber’s collects some information automatically from visitors to the Site, for example through the use of “cookies”, “web beacons”, and other technologies. These technologies make your use of the Site or our operations more convenient. We use these technologies for a variety of purposes such as to improve your on-line experience, to manage Site traffic, to prevent, detect, and investigate fraud, to assess promotional effectiveness, to track information such as the total number of visitors, IP addresses and browser types, access times, pages viewed and referring website addresses. We may also employ these technologies so that we remember you when you return to the Site. For example, we may collect information about your activities on the Site so we may make product recommendations, to tailor content to your interests, or to provide shopping cart services during a future visit to our Site. We may also deliver ads or make recommendations in the context of your current visit to our Site or a single search query in our Site.

We generally do not share information from “cookies” and the like with third parties other than our service providers and within the Weber’s Organization (as defined in Section 8, below), but reserve the right to do so. For example, we may share information from “cookies” or other technologies used on our Site with our service providers or within the Weber’s Organization, but only on an aggregate basis or to facilitate our business or marketing purposes (or those of our affiliated entities). If we materially change the type of information we automatically collect or the way in which we share it, we will notify you.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you may set your browser to reject them. However, if you turn cookies off, you may not have access to some of the Site’s services and features. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issues cookies when you access the Site.

Information We Collect That You Provide

It is always your choice, or the choice of anyone acting for you, whether to provide personal information. However, some must be provided to participate in certain programs or activities, so the decision not to provide information might limit or eliminate certain functions of the Site or the ability to participate. Other information is up to your good judgment, e.g., do not provide personal information about yourself that could be misused by others in a chat room, bulletin board, blog or similar forum and do not provide personal information about others without their permission. Depending on what you choose, the kinds of personal information we tend to request about you or others include but are not limited to your name, email address, telephone number, physical address, your preferences for products, programs or services and participation in our surveys, clubs, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or loyalty programs and other information relating to particular activities. We may also collect credit or debit card information if you are making a purchase.

Other Websites

Weber’s works with third parties on certain programs, and often those third parties own and/or are responsible for that program’s Web site. In those cases, if you provide personal information, you will be giving it to a third party and their privacy policy will apply, in addition to ours. You agree that if they provide it to us then we may apply our Policy to what we receive.

What We Generally Do with Personal Information Collected

In general, we use personal information we collect to respond to your inquiries or requests, administer surveys, clubs, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or loyalty programs, process and manage your purchases, consider your job application and to engage in the activity (and related activities) for which we collect it. For example (and without limitation), if you sign up for a newsletter, we’ll send the newsletter; if you opt-in to receive emails, texts or other electronic communications from us, we may make recommendations or deliver advertisements about our products and services. You should assume that we will use all information for all lawful purposes. Subject to applicable law, we reserve the right voluntarily or involuntarily to make all lawful, worldwide uses of personal information, including without limitation, to: collect, use, access (or bar access), process, fulfill, disclose, display, share, respond to legal process or otherwise exercise our rights under applicable law, transfer, store, sell, lease, retain, commingle, investigate, verify, prove, enforce, delete, and otherwise deal with personal information, and information other than personal information, voluntarily or involuntarily (collectively “Disclose“).

Your Ability to Update Personal Information

In general, our systems do not provide the ability for you to update your information at this time. If your information has changed, you may submit your new information as a new registration or subscription when appropriate (as determined by us).

We keep personal information for as long as we think is necessary or advisable and we reserve the right to retain it to the full extent not prohibited by law. We may discard personal information in our discretion, so you should retain your own records, and not rely upon our storage of any personal information or other data.

Information Security

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE SECURITY OF PERSONAL INFORMATION OR OTHER INFORMATION IN ANY FORM. We make what we believe to be commercially reasonable efforts to provide a reasonable level of security for personal information we are required to protect, but this is not a promise that your information will never be disclosed except as provided herein. As you probably know, information can sometimes be intercepted or accessed in violation of law, contract or policy and technologies don’t always work as anticipated.


We do not want to collect information from children. Do not provide any personal information unless you are at least 13 years of age, and please caution your children not to provide any. If a child under 13 has provided personal information, a parent or guardian may so inform us by writing us at Our Address for Legal Notices (see below) and we will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete it from our database, subject to applicable law and this Policy.

Identity Theft

If anyone believes they’re a victim of identity theft entitled by law to request information from us, write us at Our Address For Legal Notices and we’ll explain what information we require in order to respond. After receiving that information, we’ll supply (without charge) information we then have that we are legally required to provide (subject to applicable law and reserving all rights and defenses).


We will be changing what we do and how and why we Disclose data periodically-this Policy describes what we currently envision, but that will change as we change. You agree that this Policy amends and replaces any previous privacy policies and applies retroactively. We may further amend all or part of this Policy in the same way that we make amendments to our Terms of Use and such amended versions will be posted on this page. USE OF THE SITE AFTER THE EFFECTIVE DATE WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR CONSENT TO THE AMENDMENTS, SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE BOUND BY AN AMENDED VERSION, DO NOT USE THE SITE AND CEASE ALL USE OF THE CONTENT OR SERVICES.

Information About Enforcement of Our Policy

This Policy is part of and supplemented by our Terms of Use, which together with any supplemental privacy policy form a contract. We and you are bound by the Terms of Use, including this Policy. If you think we are in default, you may contact us by writing to Our Address for Legal Notices. There are no third party beneficiaries of this Policy.

Our Address for Legal Notices:

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